Props Plus Studio

Who isn’t captivated by the magic that is photography? Everyone has heard or read of the cliché about “capturing a memory”. For a photographer, the emotion goes much deeper. It borders upon an obsession to show the world your vision, your perspective, through the lens of your own imagination.

I first picked up a camera, or more correctly confiscated a camera, in my early twenties and quickly discovered my true love. Who could have foreseen that a 35mm camera would be the beginning of a life altering moment? In search of something, I photographed everything and chronicled anything, I was patiently taught by the best photographers in my region and eventually took up the mantle of teaching and mentoring others. Somewhere along the way, I began to lose site of my original passion. Somewhere along the way, photography turned into a job.

Needing to break from controlled settings and oversight, I created Props Plus Studio. Through an incredible amount of time and effort, Props Plus became a place that allows me to once again embrace my passion for photography. It has become a place that allows me to pay forward the patient mentoring I received. It became a place that transitions from me to something far more inclusive. It became a sanctuary from which we bend light to our individual artistic visions, allowing our visions to take on a life of their own in pursuit of something better, something unique. It is a base from which we explore the world as we see it so we can present it through the lens of our imaginations. We are an evolution of passion and imagination.